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the ARC Training Centre for Multiscale 3D Imaging, Modelling and Manufacturing


Research Theme #1.

Enabling Technologies

Research Theme #2.

Non-Destructive Evaluation

  • P2-1. Standards and Quality Framework for 3D Printed Automotive Parts.
  • P2-2. Recycling of automotive parts for additive manufacturing.
  • P2-3. Design and manufacture of bio-inspired nano-texture surfaces on devices & implants for bactericidal surfaces.
  • P2-4. 3D Imaging of Complex Metallic Additive Manufacturing (AM).
Research Theme #3.

High Value Materials

  • P3-1. High-Performance Aerospace Panels for Business Jets.
  • P3-3. Investigations into wood permeability and gluability – effects of manufacturing processes and micro-structure.
Research Theme #4.


  • P4-1. Upscaling of static and dynamic properties from micro to meter scale based on 3D multiscale imaging.
  • P4-2. Time-lapse 3D tomography to understand dynamics and kinetics via fluid-fluid interface evolution in porous media.
  • P4-3. Non-linear relationships between hydrological properties and strain.
  • P4-4. 3D Mineralogy - Optimising Potential Mineral Recovery Processes
Research Theme #5.

Medical Devices

  • P5-1. Quality assurance of 3D printed soft tissue scaffolds.
  • P5-2. Design, in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of RAW tissue harvest system.
  • P5-3. Design & Development for 3D printed resorbable soft tissue implants.
  • P5-4. Virtual Automated Anatomical 3D Alignment of Bone Fragments.
  • P5-5. Good Manufacturing Practice standards for the manufacturing of multi-structural scaffolds for treatment of large bone defects.
  • P5-6. Fixation Plate Design for Surgical Applications.
Research Theme #6.

Heritage Science and Arts

  • P6-1. Visualising the Diet of Ancient Marine Reptiles.
  • P6-2. Neural network analysis of biostratigraphically important conodonts.
  • P6-3. 3D Printing in the Creative Industries.