P4-1. Upscaling of Static and Dynamic Properties from Micro to Meter Scale Based on 3D Multiscale Imaging

Project leader: Mark Knackstedt (Applied Maths, RSPhys ANU)
Industry partner: Olivier Lopez, Equinor
  1. Imaging of continuous core (meter scale) core material at high resolutions.
  2. Develop automated image analysis techniquest to classify the rock along the depth.
  3. Perform flooding experiments for populating the distribution of rock properties along the full core material.
Alignment within M3D Innovation:
  1. Extension of 3D imaging work to larger scales.
  2. Collaboration with Foundational group on the development of larger scanning volumes.
  3. Overlap with mineral industry projects.
  1. Whole core scanning of samples from CO2 sequestration sites.
  2. Quantify the texture, grain size, fracture, mineral distributions texture of continuous rock core and define individual rock types on the sample.
  3. Undertake flooding experiments on a wide suite of core material for population of models.
  4. Develop “upscaling” methods to extend laboratory work to larger scales.
Key Milestones:
  1. Undertaking imaging and analysis on core material at multiple scales.
  2. Undertaking flooding experiments on core material in laboratory with in-situ imaging.
  3. Use of rock typing methods to propagate properties along core.