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The ARC Training Centre for Multiscale 3D Imaging, Modelling and Manufacturing

3D Science: A Tool for a Better Future

Our training centre is upskilling a new generation PhD students and Postdocs in the emerging area of Digital Materials, thanks to close collaboration between university-based researchers and diverse industry partners.

The core principle of all M3D Innovation projects is to garner a deep understanding of the structure of materials at multiple scales, which promises to deliver disruptive results in myriad fields, from natural resources to medical devices to heritage studies.

By using cutting edge micro-CT imaging, reconstruction, analysis and visualisation methods developed at ANU over the last 15 years, researchers can probe, analyse, model and reconstruct the 3D structure of material samples at the metre scale with resolutions down to a few hundred nanometres.

M3D Innovation

The ARC Training Centre for Multiscale 3D Imaging, Modelling and Manufacturing is known under the name (the ARC Training Centre for) M3D Innovation. Its aim is to foster close partnerships between university-based researchers and research end-users and to provide innovative Higher Degree by Research and Early Career Research training.

M3D Innovation is funded by the Australian Government under the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Training Centers (ARC ITTC) scheme.

3D Science: A tool for a Better Future

Professor Mark Knackstedt, Director, and Dr Marie-Luise Wille, Deputy Director of the M3D Training Centre discuss the 3D microscale imaging, modeling and manufacturing at the heart of this disruptive technology.

Safely storing CO2 in rocks to fight Climate Change

Ruotong Huang is studying how CO2 can be stored in porous rocks to mitigate climate change.

Recycling Car Parts for a Circular Economy

Working with Motor Trades Association of Queensland, Mr Kyani is working on ways to change the mindset in the Australian market towards a sustainable circular economy.

Automated design of custom bone implants

Custom designed scaffolds for repairing injured bones offer much better patient outcomes. Buddhi Herath is automating the design process to empower surgeons to deploy this technology more widely.

Regenerating bones with biodegradable scaffolds

A revolutionary new technique for treating bone defects employs custom designed 3D printed scaffolds that help the bone to heal and then dissolve over time, leaving only bone.

3D XRay vision reveals prehistoric predator's brunch

MicroCT scanning has enabled us to image fishbones from the stomach of Eric the pliosaur, a fully opalised fossil that is nearly complete, and even includes stomach contents.

Preventing bacterial infection of patient-specific breast implants

The M3D team are developing patient specific breast implants that dissolve as the tissue regrows. Dr Cometta is working on attaching peptides to the surface that fight bacteria.

Making bone defect surgery more safe and successful

Dr Markus Laubach is a researcher and surgeon, taking research right into the operating theatre. He's a crucial part of the translation process.

3D data enables cheap quick life changing surgery for bone trauma

A customised bone plate was implanted after a collaboration between ANU, Canberra Hospital and M3D, helping to heal a decades-old injury.