P2-1. Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Automotive Parts – Implementation of Standards

Project leader: Prasad Yarlagadda (Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT)
Industry partner: QLD MTA
Fig. 1: Additive manufactured automotive parts. Left to right: Ducts and vents, exhaust manifold, and engine block.
  1. To develop a national quality standards framework for the 3D printing of automotive parts.
  2. Investigate any existing standards for recycled 3D printed parts in the automotive industry.
  3. Improve the quality standards of AM automotive parts nationally.
Alignment within M3D Innovation:
  1. Production and optimisation of digital materials and bespoke parts for the automotive industry.
  2. This project will overlap with other projects in the centre by investigating various additive manufacturing methods.
  1. Design and development of prototype of selected automotive parts.
  2. Using additive manufacturing methods produce automotive parts from automotive recyclable waste materials.
  3. Perform dimensional analysis of AM automotive parts.
  4. Perform material characterization and mechanical testing with conventionally manufactured parts.
  5. Perform root cause analysis for process optimization of AM.
  6. Create a framework for a National standard for AM parts/panels etc (quality standards of print material composition).
Key Milestones:
  1. Identify key automotive parts that can be produced using recyclable automotive waste by additive manufacturing.
  2. Identification of automotive parts that are more prone to failure, and design and develop strategies to recycle these parts.
  3. Identify key materials (metals and non-metals) suitable for automotive applications, as well as suitable for recycling as waste materials.
  4. Comparative study of 3D printed automotive parts from recycled material and traditionally manufactured automotive parts.