P6-3. 3D Printing for Advanced Manufacturing in the Creative Industries

Project leader: Dietmar Hutmacher (QUT)
Industry partner: Cinenic
Fig. 1: 3D printed movie props produced by Cinenic.
  1. 3D printing is embraced by many artists to express their creativity.
  2. The movie industry is utilising 3D printing to manufacture movie props and scenic elements.
  3. For SME design departments it is crucial that the printing process becomes faster and more versatile.
Alignment within M3D Innovation:
  1. Multiscale manufacturing and 3D printing.
  2. Overlap with 3D printing for outreach project and multiscale manufacturing project P2-2.
  1. Evaluation of current needs of prop making using 3D printing.
  2. Evaluation of current 3D printers – on the market and inhouse built in terms of quality, print speed and versatility (e.g. different materials).
  3. Together with the industry partner Cinenic and with the QUT Creative Labs we will be working on the development and manufacturing of a new printer and associated production pipeline.
Key Milestones:
  1. Improvement of current 3D printers in terms of speed.
  2. Implementing different materials in the 3D printing process.
  3. Development of the next generation low-cost, multi-scale, multi-material 3D printer.
  4. Production pipeline methods: design process and software.